Northumberland’s hidden gem

Once the haunt of smugglers and pirates the village of Spittal is just on the south side of the River Tweed next to Tweedmouth.

If you’re travelling from the north across the Tweed Bridge look eastwards and you can spot a lone tall chimney, a landmark feature marking the edge of the village at the seaside.

Here lies one of Northumberland’s best kept secrets. A wonderful sandy beach crossed by quaint breakwaters – perfect for walkers and especially those with dogs. For a beach rating go to the Good Beach Guide.

Looking across the estuary you can easily see the Elizabethan walls of historic Berwick town and the long breakwater and lighthouse.

Backtracking down the beach and the lovely promenade and going into the village, you will find a Victorian spa mineral water spring with some very grand town houses from the same era.

Residents of the village are sometimes referred to as ‘Spittlers’. The town takes its name from a medieval leper hospital. However the area was once the centre for the herring fishing industry and its products were being sold in London and continental Europe in the 18th century so it was at one time of industrial significance.

This lovely beach is easy to overlook so I would recommend you put it on your visit list next time you are in the area.

Spittal beach is about 20 minutes drive from Apple Pie Cottage at Chatton, Northumberland.



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