The Battle That Shaped Our Nation: Discover Flodden 1513 Ecomuseum

Up the road from the small Northumberland town of Wooler lies the site of the Battle of Flodden (1513). King James IV of Scotland was killed here along with many of the Scottish nobility. Queen Katherine of Aragon was said to be keen to send the king’s head on a platter to her absent husband King Henry VIII. (She did not as it turned out, do this).

“The battle of Flodden is a tale of tragedy and torment. Castles were besieged, taken and destroyed. Cannon were dragged across the countyside with armies and their huge baggage trains tundling along for weeks to their destinations. Of course – many lives were lost”. It is worth adding that there were important historical repercussions for both Scotland and England.

You will have wandered around a traditional museum looking at exhibits collected and selected by experts for display. To commemorate Flodden, the format of an ecomuseum was chosen. This type of museum links together places, stories and many communitues in which the legacy of the battle lives on. The aim being to help preserve the traditions of these local communities around the central theme.

The picture shows one site of the ecomuseum at Crookham village – the Flodden Peace Centre – not far from the battle site.

You will be interested to know that the Flodden 1513 museum is not just located in the Borders. There is a network of sites linked to the battle including Stirling, Portsmouth (The Mary Rose ship in Portsmouth – transported troops) and the Ord of Caithness.

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Sheila Bull

Chatton Cottages

April 2017


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